Authentic Leadership Insights

The In Search of Eagles Promise

Creating an Adaptive and Developmental Culture

By Bill Shirley, BT, MCC

“In Nature, there are neither
rewards nor punishments, there
are only consequences.”  — Robert Ingersoll

My Professional Life Purpose:

My working life began over 60 years ago.  In all those years, I never believed that work needed to be “work.”  Early on, I subscribed to the wisdom of Sam Clemens who said “work is what I am obliged to do.”

I never believed successful leadership required health-threatening stress, frustration, overwhelm and chaos.  I’ve always believed work must be intrinsically rewarding, fulfilling and one of life’s enduring, great pleasures.  It must provide meaning to our lives.

I never believed a company is well served by internal competition and conflict that undermines collaboration, cooperation and teamwork.

Nor do I believe these necessary qualities can exist without personal responsibility, integrity, honesty, openness, and trust being pervasive in the culture.

In such a culture, people disagree passionately without being disagreeable thus innovation and creativity thrive!

Very early, my professional life purpose evolved into identifying and developing those concepts that enable leaders to create innovative, enthusiastically engaged teams while concurrently creating low-stress, fulfilling life adventures of their own design!

In this era of rampant market chaos and uncertainty, most leaders view these simultaneous goals as being mutually exclusive.  However, we know these goals to be synergistically complimentary and mutually supporting!

The Authentic Leadership Insights evolved from these disparate beliefs and over 45 years of executive leadership experience.  This model is robust and “battle tested.”

As a natural consequence of this vocation, this model is a platform on which any organization can create its own, unique adaptive culture of innovative teams that produce long-term, sustainable profits.

The secret to sustainable profits is loyal customers.  Customer loyalty is directly proportional to employee loyalty.  Our clear intent is to create nurturing environmental ecosystems where engaged employees look forward to their work every day because it is a low stress source of fulfillment in their individual life adventures.

Our 21 Century Global Economy presents four compelling challenges:

  • Challenge 1: the rapidly expanding number of adaptive challenges created by disruptive technologies that can only be handled by Innovative Teams discovering new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.
  • Challenge 2: the accelerating velocity of change in the global market place where customers are expecting immediate delivery of products customized to their Exceeding these individualized expectations requires Innovative Teams.  (It is not enough to just “meet” the customer’s expectations!)
  • Challenge 3: the only way innovative teams can sustainably flourish is in a low stress ecosystem where engaged employees enjoy a fulfilling life adventure. They have some sense of agency regarding their career path.
  • Challenge 4: the necessity that suppliers, customers and communities be linked in beneficial relationships that transcend companies, countries and cultures. This requires relationships with high levels of Honesty, Openness and T  We call these “HOT” Relationships!

As experts in leadership development, we promise to deliver the tools, techniques and theory required to evolve innovative teams of engaged employees in a low-stress ecosystem that creates growing customer loyalty in our uber-competitive, turbulent economy.

We will stay with you and your organization until the job is completed to your satisfaction.  For us, this is a labor of love.  It is our life’s passion and purpose.

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