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Leaders face a Cultural Paradox: Management cannot directly control the organization’s culture!

Only through coercion can management directly control how employees “think, feel and behave,” and any inclination to do so only creates the 3D Virus: Distrust, Dissonance and Disengagement. Management does control the working environment, the ecosystem in which the employees work.  The organizational culture is the employee’s response to the environmental ecosystem management creates.

At In Search of Eagles, we work with senior leaders in midsized, high-tech companies who realize how the culture they create – more than technology or strategy – controls the destiny of their enterprise. We walk beside our clients, guiding them around the quicksand of cultural inertia, as they create an environmental ecosystem of All-In employee engagement working in intelligent, adaptive teams.

Today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) business environment requires flexibility and flow.

“The speed of response to the rapidly changing environment is the new metric for competitive success.”  — John Chambers (CEO of Cisco Systems Inc, Retired)

The Leader’s Biggest Challenge: Aligning Culture with Strategy

McKinsey research shows that over 65% of all strategic initiatives fail to deliver the intended results.  The Stanford University Graduate School of Business takes this position: “if the strategy is sound and the organization is not performing, then the organization is not properly aligned to execute the strategy.” …

Case History: A Total Culture Shift

While most executive coaches focus on the Organization’s Strategy, we focus on the Organization’s Culture; creating an adaptive and developmental culture, one that is responsive to change.  Many years of experience has taught us the wisdom and truth in the above quote.  Peter Drucker recognized this when he said, “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast!”…

Version: 8/6/2018

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